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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was another busy day at the Chautauqua, and many hikers commented on how well behaved Griff, Colby, Racer, and Sputnik all were. Colby was more comfortable with the people today than she had been earlier in the week, and didn't skirt around them with wary looks. She and Griff did some off-trail exploration together as we hiked the Third Flatiron Loop. Racer and Sputnik were good on-leash hikers, and kept by my side without pulling at any point. At the end of our hike, we came across an excited, yellow Lab who came over to sniff hello with the pack. I was happy to see Sputnik wagging his tail and sniffing at the air with his ears in a relaxed position as the Lab, named Greta, worked her way into the center of everyone.

Variety Pack

Benny, Milo, and Zoey sniffed around in the fields beside the trail at CU South Campus this afternoon, while Avo and Isaac hiked along with me. Avo did a much better job of staying by my side today. She still wanted to pull ahead pretty often, but not with the unbridled zeal she has had in the past. She actually paused in response to corrections, and seemed to be making a genuine effort to stay by my side for at least short stretches at a time, without any complaints. Isaac made a good role model as he trotted in place right behind me for the entire hike. ROTC students were practicing drills on the land, and we walked through that area on the return leg of our hike. Benny and Avo both got a bit nervous when a group of them came jogging from the field to cross the path right where we were. Benny froze in his tracks and let out a single woof before I called him over and put him back on leash. Avo kept looking over to them and giving short, alert barks to make sure I noticed them, until we cleared the area.

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