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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The weather took a drastic turn today, and the trails were all but empty as the pack braved the sleet and snow. It wasn't long before Ruffers, Rucksack, Sputnik, and Mamacita were blanketed with a layer of snow, just like the terrain around us.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, Roger Roger, and Ruffers didn't mind the weather as they walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Rey was full of pep and had to be reined in during the first half of the walk, before she eventually settled down and walked more calmly along with her packmates. Ruffers, on the other hand, started off the walk very relaxed but then got into a playful mood with Zoey during the last stretch, as we made our way across Martin Park and back to the packmobile. Roger Roger was a model walker throughout, as he followed in pace right behind me the entire time.

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