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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik only made a couple stops to mark near the trail head. Racer was interested in sniffing around through the tall, wet grass while Sputnik did his thing. Griff awaited his packmates trail-side, for the most part, just sniffing along the edges of the greenery. The trails were traveled today, but far from busy. The way down Bluebell-Baird toward the Meadow & Baseline trails was still as muddy as could be, so the pack required a good wipe down after their hike.

Variety Pack

We had a ball-obsessed bunch at the park today, aside from Benny. Avo, Racer, Isaac, and Zoey all chased a lot of tennis balls during our visit. Most of the time, Isaac was the only one who actually brought the ball back. Whenever Avo or Zoey snagged a ball that I threw, they would hold on to it and chew it for a long while, until they lost interest in it and chased after another one. Racer liked to race alongside her packmates while they went after the ball. Later on, she started getting to the ball first more often, and then she actually did bring it back for me to throw again. There were a number of friendly dogs at the park today. A 7-month-old, black-coated pup ran around with the ball chasers for a while. A big dog who looked a bit like an Anatolian Shepherd ran after Avo and walked around with Benny for a bit. A short, Corgi- or Dachshund-mixed dog with reddish-brown fur caught Benny's interest. Benny followed him around while making playful leaps. Isaac found some good mud puddles and did his best to cover himself, by flopping from side to side in them.

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