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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer joined Mamacita in the tall grass this morning, but only Mamacita wiggled around in it. The pack were all very happy to spend some time in the stream at Gregory Canyon. Racer hopped around, lapping up water as it rushed over rocks. Griff, Mamacita, and Sputnik were less animated than Racer, but all wanted to linger in the water for as long as they could.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Zoe, and Ruby wandered around the dog park, sniffing along the fence and greeting the other dogs there. Avo and Isaac were more interested in tennis balls than in smells. Isaac chased them down and brought them back. Avo often went a short way, realized Isaac was going to beat her to it, then came back to me. Then, when Isaac returned with the ball and dropped it by me, she grabbed it up, chewed it for a moment, then dropped it again, as if to claim credit for fetching it. Sometimes, she put in the effort to run beside Isaac. And sometimes, I had another ball to throw for her while Isaac was chasing his. Zoey joined in the fetching for a few brief stints, as well. Zoey, Avo, and Isaac all spent some time in the kiddie pool. Isaac tried to show his packmates how to make the most of it, by flopping around and getting very well soaked. Ruby and Avo made a few playful bows and dodges with each other, but they couldn't quite seem to find the right rhythm to keep their play going. Little Zoe went up to each human she saw at the park, to get her due of pats and love.

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