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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack enjoyed a couple dips in Boulder Creek during our walk along it this morning. Racer was so eager to get into the water that she almost dragged me in with her. Yoda and Griff were also happy to get right in, but had enough restraint to approach on loose leashes. Sputnik waited on the bank for a minute before getting his paws wet the first time. On our second stop, Racer was a bit more tame and Sputnik was a bit more interested. There were no geese to be seen at the Kids' Fishing Pond.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Avo resisted stepping out of the kiddie pool, when I was dumping out the muck so as to refill it with fresh water. As I filled it up again, Zoey and Avo got into the rising water while Rey chomped at the supply gushing from the spigot. Yoda wasn't really interested in the kiddie pool, and spent most of our park visit sniffing around. Isaac and Avo played lots of fetch, with Rey and Zoey joining in for the occasional chase. Rey and Zoey spent some time hanging out with a sweet Basset Hound mix who showed up. Avo and Rey didn't get into any big wrestling matches today.

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