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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed up the Anemone Trail again today, since it was another relatively-cooler morning. Yoda and Racer, being all black, sought some refuge from the sun by hanging out in shaded spots along the way. Griff and Sputnik wandered off leash and checked out the smells along the way. When we came back down the mountain, Racer was extremely impatient to get into the stream. Griff, Sputnik, and Yoda all hopped in behind her. Yoda and Racer hung out in the water for the longest before we started heading back toward the trail head.

Variety Pack

There was a playful Husky at the park who tried chasing Isaac as Isaac played fetch, but Isaac barked at him for hovering too close. So, the Husky ran around with Avo instead. Avo bowed and dodged and played chase with the Husky for a short while. After that, Milo and the Husky sniffed each other and did a little bit of wrestling. Meanwhile, Zoey found someone's special, orange, rubber ball and was playing keep-away with it. I eventually got her to chase after another ball and snatched up the orange one to return to its owner. After that, Zoey continued to fetch tennis balls with me, as did Isaac, Avo, and Rey. Rey had spent much of her park visit chasing other young pups around. First was a medium-sized, orange-tan dog; later was a 6-month-old, black Labradoodle who was on his first trip to the dog park. Rey kept him busy by chasing him all around, and backing off thoughtfully whenever he flopped onto the ground.