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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita, Rucksack, Roger Roger, and Sputnik took their time walking the Boulder Creek Path this morning. We pulled over frequently for the pack to sniff around in the grass and brush along the way. Sputnik continued his streak of getting pets from random people along the Creek, when he looked up at a man as we were passing by him, and stopped to say hello. The man was happy to give Sputnik some attention before we continued on. Everyone hopped into the creek for a quick dip.

Variety Pack

Rey, Isaac, and Zoey headed to the CU South trails this afternoon. They were pretty empty. Cloud cover was spotty, so we lingered in the shade of trees for water breaks now and then. Everyone happily took water from the CamelBak today. They were all behaved themselves very well, as they stuck close and hardly pulled throughout the walk.

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