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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Yoda, Griff, Sputnik, and Isaac headed up the Anemone Trail from Settler's Park this morning. The boys made lots of stops to sniff and leave scent marks along the side of the trail. Griff was the most interested he has ever been in taking water from the CamelBak. Yoda abstained from water on our way up the mountain, but was the first in and last out of the stream when we made a stop there on our way over to the Red Rocks side of the trail system. Sputnik gave the most loving eyes he could to a family we passed on our way down the mountain. They commented on how cute the pack was, but today was the first day in a while that Sputnik went without pets from strangers.

Variety Pack

Rey and Avo raced and wrestled early on during our park visit today, while Zoey and Milo wandered off to check out the scents. We all converged in the shade of some small trees at the north end of the park, and the pack enjoyed chewing on tennis balls and lying in the grass. Later on, Zoey, Rey, and Avo chased tennis balls and were joined by an Australian Shepherd in their fetching. Milo hung around a pair of Huskies as we chilled at the shaded, south end of the park for a while. Eventually, all of the new friends left, and then Avo played rabbit while Milo, Rey, and Zoey all gave chase.

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