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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac and Rucksack couldn't get enough of Boulder Creek this morning. Mamacita and Sputnik both waited on the bank while their packmates kept turning back to make another pass through the water. They had both already been in for a quick dip, and they both hopped in once more before we moved along. Near the end of our walk, we came across packmate Milo on a walk of his own, right by Eben G. Fine Park! Milo did a little dance as the dogs all sniffed hello. It was a very nice way to wrap up our walk!

Variety Pack

Zoey, Griff, Rey, Roger Roger, and Isaac headed out for a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. It was pretty nice out, with good cloud cover to keep the sun at bay. We walked through grassy park fields along the way and everyone enjoyed sniffing around, at Zoey's suggestion. Isaac flopped down for a wiggle in the grass at one point, while Rey sniffed all around him with curiosity.

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