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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Curie had their first meeting today! Even though Racer is a regular member of the Thursday morning Adventure Pack, she didn't join us for Curie's first couple pack outings. The two of them greeted each other pleasantly. Sputnik's jets had cooled significantly since his hike with Zoey yesterday, and he didn't hover around Curie or barrage her with kisses today. The pack all enjoyed Boulder Creek, as we stopped to get in the water a couple times during our walk. Racer was gung ho about diving in at each of our stops, and led the way. Griff, Curie, and Sputnik all eagerly followed. Racer also tried to get ahead of the gang while walking, so I had to check her and draw her back pretty regularly. Griff walked nicely beside her, and occasionally glanced up at me with a smile. Curie and Sputnik also kept in place beside me for the most part, except for when Sputnik pulled over to the side to leave scent marks.

Variety Pack

We headed to Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Benny was sore after his hike at CU South with the pack last afternoon, and spent his park time lounging in the shade by me. Yoda headed off to greet a troop of Rottweilers, while Zoey sniffed along the perimeter fence. Isaac went straight into fetching, with a tennis ball that was conveniently lying about three feet away from the entrance gate. Avo ran along with Isaac and snatched up his ball every now and then after Isaac brought it back to me. Later on, Isaac, Zoey, and Avo all made use of the kiddie pool. Isaac and Avo were joined by Zoey and a German Shepherd, in their pursuit of tennis balls. Yoda sniffed around the old tree stump a bit, and hung out in the shade with me and Benny.

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