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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was another hot morning, and we took our time as we ambled along the Boulder Creek Path. We didn't have Mamacita stopping to sniff aimlessly through the grass like we did yesterday. Yoda, Griff, Racer, and Sputnik all did a lot of sniffing around, but they did so with more of an air of purpose, as they put their noses close to the ground and seemed to follow scents until deciding on places to leaves their marks. The Creek provided some welcome relief from the heat. Racer always hurried to be the first one in, while Sputnik was always satisfied being the first one out. Griff and Yoda took their time on both sides.

Variety Pack

The dogs were surprisingly active at the dog park, despite the heat. We spent most of our visit at the shaded south end, where there were several other dogs. One small, orange, miniature-Australian-Shepherd-looking dog was especially rambunctious. He climbed all over Rey and chewed on her ears until Blu came over and started wrestling around with him. Milo - who had been busy introducing himself to some Huskies - eventually came and hovered around the young Shepherd as well. Milo and Blu got so worked up that I had to call them off to give the little guy some space. At that point, he started racing around the park while Isaac, Rey, and a couple other dogs pursued. Meanwhile, Avo and Zoey were busy chewing on their respective tennis balls and occasionally offering them to be thrown. Everyone made good use of the kiddie pool. We headed to the grassy north end of the park shortly before we left, so the little Aussie could play with some other friends without interruptions from Milo and Blu. There, Blu, Isaac, and Avo all had fun chasing Rey around while Zoey and Milo hung out with me, in the shade of some of the smaller trees there. The others came and took periodic breaks in between runs.

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