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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rey and Isaac joined Adventure Pack regulars Sputnik and Roger Roger for our hike at Settlers' Park this morning. Roger Roger's big brother, Rucksack, took the day off from hiking today since he is still feeling a bit stiff and sore. We headed up the Anemone Trail but didn't make it to the top today. Even though temps were only in the 70's, the sunny sky contributed to a good deal of panting and a slower pace. Rey and Roger Roger seemed the most winded on our way up the mountain, while Sputnik and Isaac were kept pace without lagging behind. But everyone was very eager to take some water from the CamelBak during each and every break along the way.

Variety Pack

Griff, Rey, Sputnik, Zoey, and Isaac were all exemplars of good on-leash walking this afternoon, as we made our way around Wonderland Lake. There was one moment when I was sure the calm and order would break, when a rabbit bolted away from the path not ten yards ahead of us. Somehow, Zoey was the only one of the pack to even perk up at the sight, and she made no attempt to pursue. Everyone else either managed not to notice, or - as it was near the end of our walk on a warm, sunny afternoon - they were just too tuckered out to care.

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