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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Yoda, Sputnik, Griff, and Racer headed over to Gregory Canyon this morning. During our first water break, while I was giving Sputnik a squirt, Griff nosed my free hand to ask for some. I was skeptical, since Griff usually dodges the water, and thought maybe he was just sniffing me. But when I pointed the CamelBak spout his way, he lapped up the water without hesitation. Racer and Sputnik also drank eagerly, but Yoda turned away. I aimed and squirted some water into the side of his mouth and he turned away the first couple times, annoyed. But then he actually drank a little bit. We continued on the trail and saw several other dogs making their way back as we headed out. The return leg of our hike saw fewer fellow hikers.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Sanaya were both on tennis balls as soon as we got into the park this afternoon. Avo, Zoey, and Rey ran alongside their ball-chasing packmates and occasionally snatched up a missed or dropped ball, but they didn't have the focus of purpose that the other two had. Mamacita didn't care about chasing tennis balls or running around, and she just followed her nose across the park. A little later on, we came across a couple playmates at the south end of the park. A Pit Bull followed Rey around, and Sanaya played keep-away with his little, blue tennis ball for a bit. After that dog left, Rey played rabbit with Isaac, Zoey, and Avo in pursuit. A little Rat Terrier showed up and Rey chased him around. Avo climbed up the big, old tree. During the last part of our visit, the pack found a spot in the grass to roll around in, at the north end of the park. Mamacita was first, followed by Sanaya, Rey, Isaac, and Zoey. Avo was the only one who didn't partake, as she was busy chewing on a broken tennis ball that she and Sanaya had both carried around and shared with each other.

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