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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed to CU South again this morning, but the weather situation was reversed: it started out sunny, but clouds rolled in as the hike went on. Mamacita wandered into some tall grass and went for a wiggle. Sputnik did his best to try to get Rucksack to chase him, but Rucksack never picked his pace up to more than a trot. Roger Roger stuck right by my side throughout the hike.

Variety Pack

Dylan's second pack outing started off similarly to his first, as he hopped into the front passenger seat of the packmobile, out of shyness. He headed to the Kiln Trail by Foothills Park in North Boulder along with Zoey, Rey, and Sanaya. Rey and Dylan pulled a bit at first, but then settled into place with the pack as we ascended the mountain. Dylan and Zoey both paused to sniff around beside the trail from time to time. Rey and Sanaya were happy to keep on the move as much as possible. Dylan slipped under Zoey's belly at one point, when she was standing in his way to get back onto the trail. She didn't mind the presumptuous intrusion at all. We saw a half-dozen or so crows hanging out by the trail, and Rey wanted to chase each one of them.

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