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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Rucksack roamed the CU South trails off leash together this morning, while Mamacita and Isaac walked with me. When Rucksack proved disinterested in chase, Sputnik turned his restless attention on Mamacita. He charged up to her a few times, and the two of them leaped and bounded around each other. Rucksack nearly stepped on a green garden snake that was writhing its way across the trail. None of the dogs seem to notice it at all, despite me jumping when I caught a glimpse of it in front of Rucksack.

Variety Pack

The pack walked along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. We made one stop at the creek and Isaac made the most of it by doing his usual belly dunks, to get thoroughly soaked. Meanwhile, Roger Roger and Zoey waded in about elbow-deep. Griff and Dylan only got their paws wet at the water's edge. Later on in the walk, Griff took notice of some ducks we passed and eyed them with interest until they were behind us. The others didn't seem to care too much about the fowl. Zoey perked up at the sight of a couple guys throwing a frisbee at Eben G. Fine Park. Dylan spent most of the car time in the back with his packmates today, though he did still hop up to the front for a brief minute at one point.

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