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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There aren't many crickets left on the trails at CU South anymore, but one straggler tried hitching a ride on Sputnik as we passed over him. Sputnik spun around to nibble at his back, but the cricket was already gone as quickly as it had come. Racer and Sputnik were both thirsty today, and drank as much water as they could - often nosing in on each other when it wasn't their turn. Griff had no interest in drinking. Curie was wary for a while, but she tried lapping up some water as we neared the end of our outing. At one point along the way, we had stopped for a water break and some pets. Curie came up to me and stood with her front paws in my lap. When I leaned forward and gave her a peck on the cheek, she started spinning in circles and dropping into play bows. It was very cute.

Variety Pack

Avo and Isaac both enjoyed wiggling around in a grassy field beside the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Riley was very interested in Avo's antics, and playfully hopped all around her. A couple times, when Avo rolled back over into an upright position, Riley dropped down directly in front of her. They were so close that one's paws were up to the other's shoulders and vice versa as they lay face-to-face. After a moment of stillness, they would each hop or flop to the side. It was adorable how playful and comfortable they were with each other. In the midst of this, Avo found a twig to chew on, which Riley and Zoey each took up in turn. Meanwhile, Isaac was having his own fun, rolling around by himself. Ruby stood by my side while all of these shenanigans took place.

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