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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Mamacita, Griff, and Roger Roger headed to the Bear Creek Path for our walk this morning. It was a beautiful autumn day. The pack didn't pull over to do much sniffing. Aside from a few potty stops early on, we kept up a steady pace until we made our way back to Martin Park, where we hung out in the grass for a minute before loading back into the packmobile.

Variety Pack

Riley was very excited to get going on our walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Eventually, she stopped pulling and settled into pace next to Ruffers and Cooper. Zoey and Rey brought up my other flank, staying nicely in place throughout the walk. Cooper made some stops to mark spots along the way, and the rest of the pack often joined him to sniff around in the brush. Once Riley settled down, it was a pretty mellow afternoon outing.

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