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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Little Zoe was happy to join some of her old packmates for our trip along the Bear Creek Path this morning. She was even more excited about the squirrel she saw in the park, before we set out. Once the squirrel had gone up a tree and Zoe had settled down, we got out of the packmobile and started walking. Sputnik, Avo, and Zoe all pulled a bit at first, but settled into pace quickly. Mamacita and Roger Roger were with me from step one. We made a stop in a grassy park along the way, when Mamacita started to rear back and pull off to the side. Once on the grass, Mamacita went for a wiggle. Meanwhile, Sputnik and Avo made play-bows in front of each other and leaped around a bit. Little Zoe chewed on twigs, and Roger Roger just sat down next to me. Avo then started chewing on a twig and Zoe barked at her with jealousy.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to the Boulder Creek Path for our walk this afternoon. Cooper and Dylan weren't into competitive peeing today, so we didn't make many stops for that along the way. Poppy, Ruffers, and Cooper all got worked up and whiny when we passed other dogs who were out enjoying the beautiful autumn day, so we pulled off to the side of the path several times in order to let them go by without too much commotion. When we stopped in the park for a short break from the walk, Poppy wanted to sniff all around the area. Cooper, Dylan, Ruffers, and Zoey all took it easy. When Dylan came up to me to lick my face and get pets, Poppy turned her attention to him and gave him a bunch of kisses. Zoey and Ruffers watched people walking along in the distance. Later on, Cooper and Dylan were drawn to a spot beside the path and gave it a very thorough sniffing. Poppy joined in to see what was so interesting, and we hung out until they were all well satisfied.

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