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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger was in hot pursuit of Dylan after Dylan poked around in the ditch and then bolted up, out, and down the down trail. Mamacita leapt up and down with excitement at the chase, while Sputnik watched with interest but had no illusion that he was going to join in for that one. Roger Roger and Dylan happily greeted various dogs we encountered as we made our way around the big loop. Sputnik was in an especially testy mood today, and his demeanor rubbed off on Mamacita, so I kept them aside while their packmates were making friends.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Isaac, Poppy, and Ruffers headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon, where we retrieved the bandana Riley wore yesterday. It had fallen off at some point during last afternoon's pack walk, and some good Samaritan left it on a post at the trail head on the north side of the lake. Poppy was excited about the dogs we passed along the way, but a short leash helped keep her from getting too worked up about them. Ruffers also whined a little bit but kept it together.

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