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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita enjoyed her constitutional wiggle in the grassy field that we crossed early on during our walk at CU South this morning. When we looped back around to the trails, Sputnik got to wander off leash with Ruffers and Dylan because there were no other dogs in the vicinity. The three of them were sticking to the trail and sniffing at its edges until something in the distance caught Dylan's attention and he bolted down the hill. Ruffers and Sputnik were poised to join him, but responded when I called them back. Dylan met up with us a short way up the trail, less than a minute later. After that, we started encountering some other dogs, and Sputnik went back on the leash. Dylan splashed around in the ditch water, and Ruffers played with a chocolate Lab in passing.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, Poppy, and Roger Roger headed to the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Rey and Poppy were a little better than usual about sticking with me even when we passed other dogs along the way; Zoey and Roger Roger minded their manners on leash very nicely, as always. When we stopped at the house before our walk, Rey, Poppy, and Zoey all chased each other around. Roger Roger sat on the sofa next to me while I ate some lunch. The walk itself was pretty mellow. Afterwards, Poppy and Rey resumed their playful shenanigans and started wrestling around in the back of the packmobile before Poppy got dropped off.

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