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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Racer, and Sputnik trekked the trails at CU South again this morning. It was a pretty mellow hike on the mostly-level terrain, with a few canine encounters along the way. Sputnik was relaxed around most of the dogs, but did get upset about a couple who came up and wanted to greet him. I had given Griff, Racer, and Sputnik all a treat at the beginning of our outing today. After that, they looked at me particularly intently every time I stopped and called them back to me, or put a hand in my pocket.

Variety Pack

Riley and Avo were a bit too interested in goose droppings that sprinkled the Boulder Creek Path at a couple points along our walk this afternoon. I pulled Avo away from one just as she was starting to open her mouth. Zoey was a proper lady, and didn't make any attempts to partake in a snack of goose poop. I didn't see Riley trying to actually eat any, like Avo, but she definitely had her nose to the ground and was extra excited when we passed through those areas.