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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Mamacita, Racer, and Sputnik were all about sniffing around again this morning. They were also drawn to nibbling on the fresh grass that is starting to sprout. Mamacita especially took her time to sniff and nibble, and it turned out she had an upset stomach. We took a pretty casual pace throughout the hike to Enchanted Mesa. After we started to loop back, Mamacita seemed to be feeling a bit better and we went a bit more swiftly on the return leg.

Variety Pack

Avo barked with excitement as we pulled into the parking lot to the Valmont Dog Park, and Milo got going for a moment as well. Once in the park, Avo and Zoey went on the hunt for tennis balls while Milo wandered with less direction. Avo played rabbit on a couple big chases with her Doodle packmates, and then ended her runs next to me like I was home base, so I could referee and keep the others from piling on once she was winded. There were a few Huskies at the park today, but Milo was less enamored with them than usual. One of the Huskies took an interest in Avo and the two of them kept trying to mount each other. Zoey found a small, squeaky tennis ball and chewed on it for a while. She didn't guard it as jealously as she sometimes does with unique balls, and I got her to play fetch with a regular tennis ball before she tore the little one to shreds.

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