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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Sputnik, and Racer enjoyed hiking the Mesa Trail this morning. We kept a pretty steady pace throughout most of the hike, only interrupted occasionally for the pack to sniff around. It was pretty quiet, but a few dogs passed by along the way.

Variety Pack

Rey, Avo, and Riley were all very excited to get going this afternoon. Zoey carried herself with her usual tame demeanor. There was one spot on the trail around Wonderland Lake where the whole pack's noses shot to the ground, much like the Adventure Pack at Kohler Mesa yesterday. Whatever scent inspired the flurry of interest was a mystery to me. As we made our way around the pond, Avo tried to turn just about every potty/sniff stop into a play session. On a couple of those stops, Rey couldn't resist the lure and she leapt into the fray with Avo, right alongside Riley. After I interrupted enough times, Avo finally stopped instigating her packmates and the last stretch of the walk was much calmer.

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