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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was happy to leave his stamp on one of the few snowy patches left along the Mesa Trail this morning. His wiggling took him unnervingly close to a precipice, so I called him to get up before he slid down the steep mountainside. He and Ruffers spent a little bit of time sniffing around off-leash together on empty stretches of trail, but they were on leash for more of the hike than usual since the trails are pretty busy and I didn't want them going up to people who are trying to avoid contact. Sputnik minded his manners quite well today, and didn't react to dogs who passed by. Mamacita had a bit of an upset stomach and nibbled some grass at the Chautauqua Park at the end of our hike.

Variety Pack

Nala, Roger Roger, Blu, and Poppy headed to the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. As is the case on all the trails and paths around town lately, there were a lot more people out walking than usual. Nala and Blu were pretty distracted, as they have been on our walks. Roger Roger and Poppy provided good examples for their little packmates, and the return leg of our walk saw a lot less pulling from Nala and Blu, as they fell into place beside their respective walking buddies.