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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita nibbled on a lot of grass at the beginning of our hike this afternoon, until she spit it up with some stomach acid. After she got that out of her system, she wiggled around in the grass and seemed to be feeling better. Sputnik and Roger Roger were patient while Mamacita was taking her time. They occupied themselves by sniffing around nearby bushes and tufts of grass where they could leave their marks.

Variety Pack

Riley, Blu, and Nala walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Nala did a slightly better job of staying on track, with Jen taking her leash. Blu and Riley walked along well with me. Our pack members were pretty interested in each dog we passed. Blu and Nala tried pulling over to them. Riley just stared until I would lean down to her and call her attention. It took a few such interruptions to really break her focus on a dog and redirect her attention to me, to keep her from escalating into darting toward the other dogs like she has done in the past. Hopefully we can keep building on this and get her to be a bit less intense in her demeanor when she sees other dogs on walks.

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