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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Racer, and Sputnik were reunited, and enjoyed a hike up the Amphitheater Trail together this morning. All three of them were extremely interested in the scents along the Baseline Trail, on our way to toward the ascent. We took our time at the beginning, but still made it up to where the Amphitheater and Saddle Rock Trails meet. Griff passed on water during our first break; but from the second on, he was sure not to miss out.

Variety Pack

Rey and Mamacita took a couple dips in Boulder Creek during our walk there, this afternoon. The pair of them both got a bit riled up about a skateboarder who passed us at one point. Rey again watched the geese swimming in the Kids' Fishing Pond. A whole flock of goslings were swimming around with their parents, and causing erratic patterns of splashes as they took turns diving under.

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