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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Roger Roger enjoyed some off leash time together at the Gregory Canyon and Crown Rock Trails this morning, while Racer and Sputnik were happy to follow along on leash with me. There was one stretch of the Crown Rock Trail that smelled distinctly of skunk on our way back down. I was worried that someone in the pack got tagged. Even though Dylan and Roger Roger were both in sight throughout, they wandered around one open area of the trail when we paused there for a little break. Thankfully, the odor faded as we made our way back down to Gregory Canyon.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Zoey, Mamacita, Riley, and Poppy all headed to the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon, after a thunder shower passed by. The path and adjacent parks - which have been fairly populated lately - were mostly empty due to the weather. With minimal distractions, the pack trotted along in a pretty calm and orderly manner. When we stopped at Central Park for a photo, everyone politely sat in place - though Riley's attention was on a few people crossing the nearby bridge. Then, as soon as Poppy sensed that photo time was done, she playfully leapt around in a circle. Having felt satisfied with the random expression of excitement, and without any further instigation from her packmates, she then fell into place as we resumed our pleasant afternoon stroll.

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