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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer found a large branch floating in the creek today, and she enjoyed trying to carry it around as she splashed about through the water. Sputnik and Griff surprisingly stayed out of the water today, and just watched with me as their packmate did her thing.

Variety Pack

Riley and Mamacita were joined by little Pomeranian pup Gidget, today! Gidget is full of energy and Riley generally isn't great at meeting new dogs - especially when they encroach on her personal space - so I kept them at opposite sides from each other until they had walked together for a while. Mamacita, on the other hand, was unfazed by Gidget jumping in her face and licking at her mouth, and took all the puppy attention in stride. Eventually, Riley and Gidget stopped trying to dart up to each other, and were comfortable just hanging out in each other's presence. It was pleasant introduction to the pack, for Gidget, and we had a very nice afternoon walk.

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