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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley, Sputnik, and Nala headed to the Red Rocks Trails this morning, followed by a jaunt along Boulder Creek. Nala was super stoked to hop into the stream on the way up the mountain, and splash around in the water. Riley and Sputnik were also happy to get wet, but Nala - being a puppy - was particularly goofy and uninhibited in her indulgence.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Gidget, Rey, Lou, and Zoey all headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Gidget was out of her mind with excitement to see the pack. They all were excited to see our recent addition, as well. Poppy and Lou were especially interested in Gidget. Lou didn't mind Gidget jumping on top of her head. Poppy barked when Gidget attempted that maneuver with her, but then she followed up with playful hops and bows. Rey was surprisingly composed in the face of all the crazy puppy energy. Before we picked up Gidget, Rey and Poppy had fun wrestling in the back of the packmobile, and then Rey and Zoey enjoyed exchanging kisses for a while.

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