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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer kept pawing, splashing, chomping, and dipping her snout in the water at our first stream crossing this morning. Griff only hopped in for a brief moment. Sputnik stayed dry, but joined his packmates in the water a little further along the trail. When we reached the crest of the Red Rocks Trail system, Griff wandered off a bit before coming back to the trail with his packmates. He disappeared again a short while later, and then came bursting through the brush at full speed when I called him back.

Variety Pack

Gidget wanted to repeatedly jump into the faces of her packmates to express her enthusiasm to be going out with them today. Mamacita did not mind the onslaught. I kept Gidget from unleashing her full excitement on Riley, since Riley tends to be a bit touchy - especially with dogs she hasn't spent a lot of time around. Gidget rode in the passenger seat on our way to Martin Park to walk the Bear Creek Path. She and Riley sniffed each other out across the center console armrest. By the time we were walking, Riley was sniffing Gidget while Gidget wiggled around on her back. Riley maintained composure when Gidget spun over to her feet and started jumping in her face, and then dropped into a play-bow. A little later, Mamacita was the one wiggling around on her back in grass.

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