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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan found a couple spots to roll around in the snow during our hike this morning. Roger Roger was about to roll around in a different spot that he and Dylan had been sniffing, but I called to him and stopped him. I have known Roger Roger long enough to know that when he stops and sniffs a spot and then moves to shoulder down and roll in it, it is usually a pile a scat. I caught him just in time, and Dylan also left the scat - without attempting to roll in it. Sputnik was very interested in nibbling on grass, throughout our hike. We saw several other dogs along the way. Dylan and Roger Roger made friendly greetings. Sputnik generally minded his manners, and just sniffed in the general direction of the other dogs as they said hi to his packmates; however, he did get an attitude with one rambunctious dog who passed by on our way back down Bluebell Road.

Variety Pack

It's funny how Zoey has developed her routine stops on our various walking routes. Today, we headed to Bear Creek. The whole pack always knows the first stop there, in the grass right at the edge of the parking lot. After that, Zoey always needs to check out a tree a little way off the path. Ruffers wanted to sniff around an area on the opposite side of the path, and Lou had no particular agenda. We hung out around that area for a little while to give Zoey and Ruffers both a chance to check out their points of interest. We later had to stop in the field near the basketball courts, upon Zoey's insistence. Satisfied with checking in on the scents in her favorite areas, she was happy to follow along for the remainder of the walk. When we stopped for a photo in Martin Park before returning to the packmobile, it was difficult getting a photo of the girls together because Lou kept wanting to come up and snuggle with me as soon as I stepped back to fit everyone in frame; but I eventually convinced her to stay in place with Ruffers and Zoey.

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