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Friday Pack Activities (11/3/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly and Yoshi were both pulling ahead a bit throughout the hike, in their matching orange Ruffwear harnesses. Dylan and Lou hiked right along at my sides, with Lou occasionally making a stubborn stop to sniff around. The dogs all perked up and listened to the Emergency Alert System Test announcement that came on a little after noon. The message repeated a few times, and pack stopped in place and stared off in the same direction together each time.

Variety Pack

Yoshi, Lumi, Carl, Griff, Ruffers and Zoey headed to Martin Park this afternoon to walk Bear Creek Greenway. Yoshi continued to pull ahead a bit throughout most of the walk. Carl pulled a little here and there as well, but mostly walked nicely in position along with the rest of the pack. Aside from Ruffers starting to creep up to Zoey with a look in her eye like she was going to try to mount her after we stopped for a photo, the dogs were pretty mellow through the afternoon; our young boys Lumi and Yoshi didn't even get each other worked up.

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