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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Lou, Dylan and Yoshi enjoyed the damp trails at the Chautauqua today. There were more hikers out than I expected to see. Yoshi got very worked up about every dog we passed, and a few birds as well. Lou and Dylan continue to provide a good example to their new puppy packmate. Dylan trailed behind on our way up the mountain and then led the way back down, as he often does, but was never more than about ten yards from the pack. Yoshi got a burst of playful energy around the same stretch of trail where Archie got worked up and tried to start up a wrestling match with Bear and Avo. Lou didn't react to Yoshi bouncing around her. Even though she has loved wrestling with Yoshi at the house in the afternoons, she understands that there is a time and a place for things - and on-leash trail hiking isn't the time to go wild. Yoshi got the message after a minute or less, and then settled back down.

Variety Pack

Yoshi had a solo walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. He still got a bit excited about the few dogs we saw, as well as a robin, but he didn't act out about it as much as he had on the hike earlier in the day. He got some practice with redirecting his attention back to me and getting treats, and mostly did a good job walking at my side when there weren't notable distractions.


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