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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Snowy patches are dwindling to just well-shaded stretches of trail, but Dylan made the most of them. Roger Roger spent the hike going back and forth between walking with me and Sputnik, and seeing what Dylan was up to ahead of us. There were quite a few other hikers - human and canine - on the trail today. Roger Roger and Dylan sniffed a few butts, and Sputnik stayed relaxed for the most part. With one pair of dogs, and Sputnik was perfectly polite when the female went by, but had a little growl for her brother who followed behind. Dylan showed no sign of stopping when we headed off for the little loop at the end of the hike today. In fact, he looked up at me with a big smile and started leading the way, as if to say, "Don't worry, I've got this!"

Variety Pack

Lou likes to stand in place and wait for approaching dogs to pass, whenever we encounter them on our walks. She stares at them very intently, with her tail wagging, but she doesn't make a move. I think she is hoping that they will come up to her to say hello, but they usually just walk on with their humans. Zoey was looking extra pretty today, with a fresh blowout and some very nice ribbons in her hair. People at Wonderland Lake admired out loud how fluffy she was.


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