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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Zoey, Sputnik, and Roger Roger all got to spend some time off leash together at CU South this morning. Zoey and Roger Roger raced and wrestled around a bit. Sputnik jumped into the mix, with his focus on Zoey. We had some more pleasant greetings with other dogs on the trails, with Sputnik back on the leash. One funny, young Golden Retriever kept dropping his tennis ball to sniff hello. He would then frantically look around and snatch it back up, only to drop it again in order to try to sniff hello again.

Variety Pack

Carl joined Zoey, Lou, and Ruffers for a walk on the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. We went long stretches with Carl walking nicely in place next to Lou, and then some other stretches where Carl wanted nothing more than to pull off to the side of the path to sniff every leaf and twig around. Ruffers, Zoey, and Lou all provided very good examples of on-leash manners for their newest little packmate.


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