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Friday Pack Activities (2/23/2024)

Adventure Pack

Yoshi got pretty excited about the first dog we saw on the trail this morning. He whined and groaned as I kept him next to me on a short leash. He was progressively calmer for each subsequent canine encounter along the way. Lou wasn't too keen on pulling off to the side of the trail to let other dogs pass by, and tended to put the brakes on. After stopping for a moment and then calling her forward, she usually obliged. Nelly made a lot of stops to sniff and mark along the way today. She had a little hesitation along the same stretch of trail that has given her pause the past couple weeks. It wasn't hard to encourage her to continue on, and she returned to walking normally once we reached the far point of the loop and started our way back. Dylan took point while he was off leash for the latter half of the hike, periodically letting the pack catch up to him before trotting back up into the lead.

Variety Pack

Carl, Lumi and Ruffers walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We came upon the family of our dearly departed Avo, who were enjoying an afternoon stroll with their youngest. As if that coincidence weren't enough, immediately behind them on the path was our packmate Alfie walking with his mom. Alfie and Lumi were so excited to see each other, and kept bouncing around and tackling each other. Ruffers was also excited to see Alfie, and got a bit of greeting in amidst Lumi and Alfie's rough-housing; Carl kept his distance from the commotion.


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