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Friday Pack Activities (6/2/2023)

Adventure Pack

A storm of thunder and hail threatened to derail our pack hike but skies cleared by the time we got to the Chautauqua - which was surprisingly busy, given the weather. Yoshi and Nelly were both very interested in the dew-laden grass, on and off through the hike. We skipped the usual stop at the stream since the atmosphere was damp and cool enough already. Dylan led the way off leash while the rest of the pack followed. The contrast between Lou's wary steps over the rocky slopes, and Yoshi's haphazard and whimsical method was pretty extreme, and exaggerated by the slick surfaces. Nelly and Dylan's levels of caution were somewhere in between - they were unafraid of tackling the obstacles but proceeded with due consideration.

Variety Pack

Dylan and Yoshi took a leisurely stroll to Wonderland Lake after tackling a pretty rigorous hike with the Adventure Pack earlier in the day. They waded through tall, wet grass to sniff and leave their marks. Yoshi got pretty excited about other dogs we saw, but was slightly more manageable than he had been during the hike. We passed the same bird that was airing out its wings at the edge of the pond yesterday. I'm certainly no ornithologist, but the name 'cormorant' popped into my head as we walked by today. I looked it up online and the bird in question is indeed a cormorant. I wonder if we'll being seeing much more of this cormorant around Wonderland Lake through the summer. Despite the interest he has shown before in birds, Yoshi made no moves directed at the cormorant. Dylan was similarly disinterested.


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