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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan had another solo hike with me this morning. I got him riled up and then jogged with him a couple times along the way. Otherwise, he spent most of the ascent following a short distance behind me. I noticed another fallen tree leaning against a tree a little ways off from the trail, probably also from Wednesday's winds. Dylan led the way back.

Variety Pack

Carl and Lou pulled over to sniff at the side of the path here and there along the way, as the pack walked the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. When one of them initiated a stop, the others all wanted to check out the area. Zoey was usually the slowest to join the investigation, and the last to be ready to go. Ruffers attempted to mount Zoey at one point, like Avo often does. I guess something about Zoey just brings it out in her packmates. Lou was a little less eager to come over to me when I was taking a photo of the pack today. She still tried to, but wasn't quite as relentless as usual.

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