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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik hiked side-by-side on our way up the Mesa Trail this morning. They stopped to sniff around together, lagged behind, caught up, and explored ahead, all shoulder-to shoulder (or close to it). On the return leg of our hike, they started doing their own things. Dylan led the way down, while Sputnik brought up the rear. The mud wasn't as bad today, but it will return after this coming weekend's forecasted snowfall.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Ruffers, Rey, Carl, and Lou met a shy-but-curious Chihuahua along the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Rey didn't help with the shyness when she barked at the little guy upon first greeting, but he was pretty interested in meeting someone his own size in Carl. Zoey and Ruffers were gentle in their greetings, and the little Chihuahua started kicking up some grass in front of Ruffers, seeming to invite play. Lou wasn't that interested in checking out the pack's new friend, and hung out at my side while her packmates sniffed hello. Rey settled down and greeted more politely after her initial reaction. The rest of the walk was pretty relaxing, and a couple different people commented on how well behaved the pack was.


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