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Friday Pack Activities

Sputnik, Lou, Rey, Carl, Ruffers

Variety Pack

Sputnik joined the afternoon crew today, and headed to the Bear Creek Greenway with Lou, Rey, Carl, and Ruffers. Sputnik and Rey - who don't see each other very often - gave each other lots of kisses before the walk. Sputnik was more guarded with Lou, who was curious but not overly pushy about greeting Sputnik. Carl and Ruffers both hike with Sputnik regularly and took it in stride that Sputnik was joining us at a different time of day than usual. A couple little girls came and pet the dogs at one point early on in the walk. Ruffers, Sputnik, Rey, and Lou were all happy to have the attention. Carl was wary and barked a few times while he avoided them. Everybody walked very nicely together on the path. Lou requested one stop along the way, and Ruffers requested another; otherwise, we just kept on the move in stable formation.


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