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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We made a couple brief stops at different points along the stream as we hiked the Red Rocks Trails this morning. Sputnik, Griff, Dylan and Racer all looked out over the city when we reached the top of the trail, seemingly proud of their accomplishment in conquering the mountain despite the heat. The latter part of our outing was spent walking along the Boulder Creek Path at an easy pace, after our descent.

Variety Pack

Storm clouds were looming when the pack headed out for their walk along the Bear Creek Greenway. Carl and Rey were more interested in chewing sticks than in walking. Ruffers must have recognized the stormy weather and remembered when we had a couple days of close lightning strikes while walking along that path last year, because she stopped in place right around the same spot where we had turned around those other two times. It took some coaxing to get her to come along with the rest of the pack. Lou and Zoey were happy to walk along, until we reached the mile-marker boulder; then, they both insisted on pulling over and checking out the area. Rain started sprinkling on us and there was some distant thunder as we made our way back, but thankfully no nearby lightning strikes this time.


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