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Friday Pack Activities (9/15/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Lou and Yoshi all did a lot of marking at the beginning of our hike. Nelly was back in the habit of hesitating as we made our way along Baseline Trail. I noticed that she was tending to do it at crossroads where connectors met the main trail we were on, so I tried letting her lead us down those paths instead. That worked out pretty well, as she didn't stop while we took the detour and then moved on without stopping once we were back on the main trail again. There was also a spot Nelly stopped at where tall grass and greenery had been flattened along the edge of the trail. Yoshi joined her in investigating the area and then Dylan and Lou got in on the sniffing as well.

Variety Pack

Alfie and Nelly joined Zoey, Carl, Yoshi and Ruffers for part of the pack walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Alfie's wrist was bothering him more again yesterday, so he took it relatively easy today. Nelly had already enjoyed her hike with the Adventure Pack, so Jen took her and Alfie for a shorter outing. Carl and Yoshi were both pulling ahead a bit today. When we saw a rabbit on the path ahead, the two of them really started pulling. Zoey perked up quite a bit and started trying to pull ahead with them. Ruffers was the only one who remained calm despite the bold rabbit who kept hopping along the path to keep a short lead on us; Nelly and Alfie had already headed back with Jen by that point.


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