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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Archie and Bear had a fun time running and dodging with each other at the Chautauqua today. Ruffers and Dylan had less energy to spare in comparison to their younger packmates, but still trotted along the trail without requiring any breaks beyond a few short stops for water and treats. A garter snake slipped across the trail in a hurry right in front of the three of us while Bear and Archie were rough-housing up ahead. I nearly stepped on it and it actually slithered right between Dylan's paws. I practically leapt out of my shoes, but the dogs didn't even notice a thing.

Variety Pack

Archie, Alfie, Lou, Lumi, Carl, Zoey and Ruffers all walked Bear Creek Greenway together this afternoon with a hand from Jen. Early on in the walk, Zoey, Lou and Carl all wanted to make frequent stops to sniff and pee. Archie made some attempts to stir things up with Lumi by throwing his weight into him and poking at his face, but Lumi maintained composure and kept walking nicely while I addressed Archie and had him settle down. There were a couple skateboarders whom Alfie woofed at as they went by. Archie found a spot in the grass to roll around in when we were taking our time walking across the field by the basketball courts. Ruffers and Carl soon followed suit and wiggled around in the same spot, intent on sharing in whatever potpourri Archie had discovered.


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