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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A blanket of snow does wonders to reveal the world of the pack. On a canvas of white, it is easy to see the patches of yellow that draw Sputnik to leave marks of his own, the disturbed patches of upturned dirt that Ruffers insists on investigating, and the bunny tracks that form little pockets in the snow that Riley likes to dip her nose into. On the return leg of our hike, some coyotes could be heard barking and howling in the distance. I've rarely seen or heard coyotes on our pack outings. Riley perked up to the sounds, and scanned the vast field beside the trail for their source. Sputnik and Ruffers, on the other hand, just shrugged them off.

Variety Pack

Lou and Zoey enjoyed a walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Zoey wanted to make more stops than usual - not only in her habitual spots. Lou was happy to sniff around with her fluffy packmate whenever we slowed. The Creek was very quiet today, in the cold weather.


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