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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The wind was strong and gusty this morning, as the pack set out to hike at Shanahan Ridge. Ruffers, Racer, Riley, and Sputnik were all particularly interested in the scents along the trail today. The beginnings of our hikes are typically stop-and-go as the pack members all relieve themselves, catch up on the news around the trailhead, and leave their own marks for others to find. Today, they were finding points of interest frequently, throughout the entire hike.

Variety Pack

Avo and Lou didn't seem to have any hard feelings after last week's tiff. I guided and monitored their interactions very closely today, and neither had hackles up, tucked tails, stiff posture, or straight upright tails at any point when they were near each other or sniffing each other's butts, so that was a very good sign. They even made a couple playful bows and hops, but I didn't let them get too worked up with each other. Rey was extra excited to see Avo today, and jumped all over her at the start of the walk. Zoey kept us on task by making sure we checked in at all the requisite stops on our way around Wonderland Lake. Blu and Gidget also joined the walk, with Jen. We got a few comments about what a nice group we had, as everyone behaved themselves quite well. The wind had died down by the afternoon, so that also helped make for pleasant and enjoyable walk.


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