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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Ruffers sniffed around off leash for a little while at CU South. Riley was very interested in everything her packmates sniffed ahead of us, and followed up behind them to check it all out for herself. Later on, we met a very sweet and polite Vizsla. The dog was so calm and mild-mannered that I let her approach to sniff hello with Sputnik and Riley after Ruffers bounded up to her. Sputnik and Riley both minded their own manners very nicely as the Vizsla delicately sniffed greetings with them. After that, Riley got a little time off-leash to race and chase Ruffers around in the field beside the trail.

Variety Pack

We saw a lot of geese along the Boulder Creek Path again today, and Rey again tried to lunge at them when we drew near. After catching her mid-jump and letting her know that she needed to settle down, she handled herself much better when we passed by the flock on our return trip. Zoey was drawn to a lot of trees along the path, and Rey was happy to join her in sniffing out the reports from other dogs who have passed by those same trees.

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