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Monday Pack Activities (2/6/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack headed to Shanahan Ridge this morning but took a different route than the one we've been taking for the past month. Racer, Lou, Ruffers, Dylan and Avo all inched their way along the trail at the beginning, sniffing everything along the way. After an incredibly slow start to the hike, we picked it up to a more natural pace with fewer sniff stops. Dylan found a few snowy patches to roll in. Avo sprinted and bounded all over the place, off leash for the first time since she ate all that poop a few weeks ago. Lou watched Avo with intense interest and hopped toward her whenever Avo ran by close to us. Ruffers ran along with Avo for short spurts here and there, but couldn't match the gusto with which Avo moved. Racer wasn't interested in Avo, and was the one pack member whose nose was still to the ground for almost the entire hike.

Variety Pack

Rey, Racer and Lou walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. The path was pretty quiet, as it tends to be in this season. Similar to the Adventure Pack this morning, the dogs pulled over to sniff a lot in the beginning, and then started to walk along with fewer interruptions as we went. We didn't see any geese but the evidence of their recent presence was splattered along a stretch of the path; thankfully, the dogs didn't pay much attention to it.


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