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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley headed straight toward the nearest snow bank upon exiting the packmobile at the Chautauqua this morning. Ruffers and Sputnik sniffed at the edge of it while Riley climbed over it. The snow-covered trails were already well-tread, with narrow channels weaving through the deeper stuff. Sputnik and Ruffers only ventured off the beaten path on the few occasions when something caught their noses. Riley, on the other hand, plowed through the deep snow or followed the path without really discriminating between them. I exaggerate a little - she did tend to follow in the path behind me - but she had no qualms about crashing through deep snow whenever the fancy struck her.

Variety Pack

I brought the dogs into the snowy field at Eben G. Fine Park so they could sniff around a bit right at the outset of our walk. Once everyone was satisfied, we made our way back over to the path and started walking it. Not twenty yards later, Zoey stopped dead in her tracks. Even though she was done sniffing the other spot, she refused to proceed until checking in at one of her select trees. After another good sniff there - and the whole pack was happy to do some more sniffing, since the opportunity had arisen - we returned to the path and got on the move. A little while later, Carl and Rey stopped to chew on a small, downed branch on the path. Zoey, Mamacita, and Lou waited politely while their more curious and destructive packmates gnawed off some twigs.


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