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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Sputnik, and Riley all munched on snow from a bank in the shade at the start of the Mesa Trail. Ruffers and Sputnik were the first to dive in. Riley came and sniffed around for a minute before taking part, but then continued to eat snow alongside Sputnik after Ruffers had her fill. After that, Ruffers and Sputnik enjoyed sniffing around off leash together. They frequently lingered behind to more thoroughly sniff things out, and sometimes I doubled back with Riley to let her check out whatever her packmates were investigating.

Variety Pack

Carl and Rey were very interested in the geese we passed during our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. While the path was not blanketed with goose poop - as it sometimes is when geese are hanging out there - there were a number of land mines to avoid. We made stops at many trees beside the path, largely upon Zoey's insistence. Lou started off the walk next to Carl, but gradually migrated over to my other side with Zoey and Rey, eventually leaving Carl as the lone walker to my right.


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