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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Baseline Trail must be frequented by a tremendous number of different dogs, because the packs just can't seem to do enough sniffing along it. Ruffers, Sputnik, and Riley all took their time investigating scents, and only inched forward to the next sniffing-spot upon my insistence. Once we were off the Baseline Trail and making our way up the mountain, the drive to sniff quickly diminished, and we kept a pretty steady pace. Ruffers didn't uncover and carcasses today, and instead stuck to the trail, close to Riley and Sputnik.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, Lou, and Rey had fun running together off leash at CU South again this afternoon. After a first round of chase, Rey and Carl ventured off ahead while Zoey and Lou stuck closer by to me. Carl and Rey got a little too wrapped up in their excursion, and ignored me when I called them back, so they spent some time back on leash when I finally wrangled them. With some reinforcement in the form of treats and massages, I had Carl coming back much more promptly when called. It took a little more time for Rey to tune in, but she got to go off leash again, as well, once she started responding to my calls for her attention.


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